5. About Me

Yael Sela-ShapiroMy name is Yael Sela-Shapiro, and I have been translating books and other texts since 1997 and teaching translation since 2006.  I consider it both an art and a career, and do my best to provide my clients with the best translation possible and my students with the best tools to survive in the free-lance jungle.


I received my MBA and MA in Culture Studies (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University, where I also got my Diploma in Translation in 2004. I am also a graduate of TAU's Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students, where I studied economics, psychology, sociology and anthropology, literature and art, history and political science.

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching translation in both Tel Aviv University and Beit Berl College since 2006. Translators' Toolbox (career skills for novices), Translating Workshops – fiction and non-fiction

Professional Experience

Prose and non fiction: I have been working as a free lance translator for some of Israel's leading publishers such as Kinneret-Zmora-Bitan, Matar, Ketter and Resling. My literary translations include fiction books such as The Tent by Margaret Atwood, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson and non-fiction books such as Purity and Danger by Mary Douglas, Freud and the Non-European by Edward Said and Survival of the Sickest by Sharon Moalem. One of my specialties is Science Fiction and Fantasy, and my translations include A Song of Fire and Ice by J. R. R. Martin, Hyperion by Dan Simmons and His Dark Materials series (The Golden Compass) by Phillip Pullman.

I was Short-listed for the 2012 Minister of Education Translation Award.

Commercial and Academic texts: I translate commercial texts for some of Israel's leading companies such as Diplomat, Ralco, and Alexander Schneider LTD, as well as university professors and institutes such as the Van Leer Institute and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.


"Translator Yael Sela-Shapiro is the perfect host. Her translation is ambiguous in the best Empsonian sense and she places Perlman's novel delicately and accurately in the Hebrew's range of possibilities and meanings" – Shuki Ben Naim, Ha'Aretz, reviewing Seven Types of Ambiguity by Eliot Perlman (Hebrew)

"The translation is both excellent and lucid" – Omri Hertsog, Ha'Aretz, reviewing Purity and Danger by Mary Douglas (Hebrew)

"Thanks to [The New Male Sexuality's] fluent translation and intelligent editing, the hebrew reader may now get acquainted with Bernie Zilbergeld's methods…" Yitschak Ben Tsion, Ha'Aretz, Reviewing The New Male Sexuality by Bernie Zilbergeld (Hebrew)

"The book is fluent and captivating, partly due to Yael Sela-Shapiro's excellent translation" – Amalia Rosenblum, Ha'Aretz, reviewing Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson. (Hebrew)

"Isn't that just wonderful! Pullman in Hebrew, and so accurately and painstakingly translated!" – Tamar Landau, Ha'Aretz, reviewing The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (Hebrew)

Published Articles

"Science Fiction and Fantasy – for both boys and girls alike?" (Hebrew) 2007, Children and Young Adults Literature 126, The ministry of Education and the David Yellin College.

“SF&F in Hebrew – Wake-Up Call? Translating the past and future into recently-revived Hebrew”, 2009, in Translators on Translating, Andrew Wilson (Ed.), Canadian Centre for Studies Publishing.

"Fantasy – Does it Sound Better in English?" (Hebrew), 2009, in With Both Feet On the Clouds: Fantasy in Hebrew Literature, A Selection of Essays, Hagar Yanai (Ed.), Graf Publishing House


"How Do You Say Trade Union in Hebrew" (English) – an interview in Ha'Aretz with fellow translator Inbal Saggiv

"Wizard Oil – a Look at Translation in Science Fiction" (English) – an interview by Carol Pinchefsky in http://www.intergalacticmedicineshow.com

"Translating freely" (Be'Tirgum Hofshi, Hebrew) – short video interview in Yoram Learning education portal

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