Google Voice around the world + Shaker – Talks in Tel Aviv, Tuesday May 23

פורסם: 22/05/2017 ב-כללי

Free admission and fascinating topics tomorrow (Tuesday, May 23) at 18:00, Wix Hub, 4 yosef yekutieli st, Tel Aviv (Building 26 in the Tel Aviv port, opposite Japanika)

Here's what I'll be talking about:

Who the F..k is Jim? Recreating Google-Speak across the Globe

Google Speak is a special language, designed to convey Google's values, culture and spirit. But it is just impossible to have one phrasing fit all. This is where Google Localization team steps in, to give Google Speak its unique local flavor for each language. Should we leave humor, amplify it or expunge it? Would polite instructions be ignored? What product name is a horribly offensive word in some part of the world?

And the other speaker is Adam Rakib:

"If you can make it here… you can make it anywhere (but you'll have to make adjustments)"

Adam is the co-founder of StoreMaven, the leading app store testing and analytics platform. Adam previously founded Shaker, one of the most hyped startups earlier this decade, and was a lecturer at Tel-Aviv University where he taught entrepreneurship.

Hope to see you there 🙂

  1. ronbarak הגיב:

    Hi Yael,
    For the sake of your non תושבי המרכז readership: could you announce such events longer than a few hours before their commencement?

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